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Zodiac Signs: What to Put on Your Bucket List

SKYDIVING High-intensity pursuits are a favorite of Aries' because they have a hard time sitting still for too long. Since they are literally bouncing off the walls with energy, paragliding seems like the perfect outlet for them. They will have so much fun experiencing the surge of adrenaline that they may even want to go again! 

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We know that Taureans enjoy listening to music, so here are two suggestions for you. The first is going to see your beloved band live by purchasing concert or festival tickets. The second proposal is a bit riskier: why not sign up for vocal or instrument lessons?

Gemini is an air sign, and they are typically very interested in all things intellectual, such as learning a foreign language. Learning another language will certainly be a challenge, but you relish being put to the test! This could be a great idea for you!

HUMANITARIAN WORK Cancer people are typically very caring souls and are often very touched by sad world events, which is why volunteering for humanitarian work in a disadvantaged country would be a hugely rewarding experience for you. Volunteering overseas is definitely more in line with your character than skydiving.


DID SOMEONE SAY VEGAS?Leos love all things expensive and exuberant, so we are sure you’d agree Leo friends, that a weekend gambling in Sin City is a must for you! Las Vegas is the capital of all things over the top and exuberant, Leo you’ll feel right at home there and have the best weekend ever!


LIBRA STAND IN A POSITION People with Libra dispositions are usually drawn to those who value aesthetics and peace. We think you should schedule a professional photograph where you can dress to the nines and put on a full face of makeup. Prepare to have a fantastic time spending the day pampering yourself.


Time for a reunion, Scorpios! When it comes to their zodiac sign companions, Scorpios will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety and happiness. Scorpios, add planning a high school gathering to your list of things to do. You'd enjoy the opportunity to reconnect with old friends and learn about their lives. A high-school reunion is a must for your goal list!


GET INKED Capricorns are very traditional and family orientated characters and adore seeing their loved ones on a regular basis. Capricorn, why not consider getting your family member's names tattooed, that way you can always carry around a constant reminder of them!


OUTING IN THE SNOW Family is important to Aquarians, and so is the zodiac sign of Aquarius sports and physical exercise. Aquarius, do you have any snowboarding skills? If not, you should plan a family ski vacation and hit the slopes together. If you're already an expert snowboarder, why not challenge yourself with a new sport and learn how to surf? That is a fantastic goal for your list!


SALOON BREAK Pisces are generally reserved people who won't be the first to suggest a wild night out. They should put a luxurious spa weekend on their agenda because they value solitude and rest. Indulge yourself, you fishy Pisces!