Zodiac signs as mythical creatures

The Phoenix is a bird that represents rebirth and rejuvenation. The Phoenix is recognized for its capacity to reborn from its ashes, which corresponds to Aries' symbol of new beginnings.

Aries: Phoenix

The Minotaur, half man, half bull, reflects the determination and strength of Taurus, as well as their affinity for the ground and the natural world.

Taurus: Minotaur 

Multiple Blue Rings

Gemini: Pegasus

The winged horse that symbolises freedom, curiosity and adventure, just like the inquisitive and adaptable Gemini.

Multiple Blue Rings

Cancer: Mermaid/Merman

The mermaid/merman, half human, half fish, reflects the loving and sympathetic side of Cancer, as well as their affinity to water and deep emotional capacity.


A lion with a human head who represents Leo's pride, strength, and wisdom, as well as their relationship to the sun, which is Leo's ruling planet.

Leo: Sphinx

The siren, a creature who entices sailors with its beautiful song, represents Virgo's analytical mind and attention to detail.

Virgo: Siren

The centaur, half man and half horse, depicts Libra's balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Libra: Centaur

Multiple Blue Rings

Scorpio: Hydra

The serpent with numerous heads that regenerates two new heads for each one that is severed, symbolising Scorpio's power to regenerate and transform.

Multiple Blue Rings

Sagittarius: Unicorn

The mystical horse with a single horn symbolizes Sagittarius' sense of adventure and faith in magic. It also represents grace, freedom, and purity, qualities that Sagittarius is drawn to.

Multiple Blue Rings

Capricorn: Chimera

A creature with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail, the Chimera depicts Capricorn's ambition, resourcefulness, and intricacy.


The Gorgon depicts Aquarius' unique vision and eccentric attitude. It has snakes for hair and the capacity to turn humans to stone with its gaze.

Aquarius: Gorgon

The Kraken, a mythological sea monster with tentacles capable of crushing ships depicts Pisces's mysterious and occasionally dreadful nature.

Pisces: Kraken