Zodiac signs as Euphoria characters

Aries, like Nate, is frequently motivated by a desire for power and authority. They can be aggressive, ambitious, and fiercely protective of the people they care about.

Aries: Nate Jacobs

Taurus, like Rue, is drawn to comfort and security. They might be obstinate and relentless in the pursuit of their objectives,.

Taurus: Rue Bennett

Multiple Blue Rings

Gemini: Jules Vaughn

Gemini, like Jules, is creative and adventurous, with limitless energy and a desire for new experiences. They can be unpredictable and find it difficult to commit to a single course.

Multiple Blue Rings

Cancer: Cassie Howard

Cancer, like Cassie, is loving and empathetic, with a high level of emotional intelligence. They are sensitive to their own and others' emotions, yet they are also immensely resilient.


Leo, like Maddy, is self-assured and gregarious, with a bold and unabashed sense of self. They might be very loyal to their friends and loved ones.

Leo: Maddy Perez

Virgo, like Kat, is analytical and detail-oriented, with a sharp brain and a passion for perfection. They can be critical of themselves, but they also have a strong self-awareness.

Virgo: Kat Hernandez

Libra, like Ethan, is diplomatic and peaceful, with a desire for balance and justice. They can be extremely sympathetic and adept at handling difficult social circumstances.

Libra: Ethan Lewis

Multiple Blue Rings

Scorpio: Fezco

Fezco  Scorpio, like Fezco, is mysterious and intense, with a fierce sense of loyalty and a strong desire to defend their loved ones at all means. .

Multiple Blue Rings

Sagittarius: Ashtray

Sagittarius, like Ashtray, is free-spirited and adventurous, craving for new experiences. They can be very loyal and protective of those they love, yet they also struggle with authority.

Multiple Blue Rings

Capricorn: Lexi Howard

Capricorn, like Lexi, is realistic and goal-oriented, with a strong sense of duty and a drive for success. They are supportive of their friends, yet they also suffer from vulnerability.


Aquarius, like McKay, is independent and eccentric, seeking to break free from society's standards and expectations. 

Aquarius: McKay

Pisces, like Gia, is dreamy and imaginative, with strong emotional intelligence and a strong yearning for connection. They are highly impacted by other people's emotions.

Pisces: Gia Bennett

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