Zodiac signs as Demons

Belphegor is the demon of inactivity and deception, which corresponds to Aries' impulsiveness and craving for instant fulfilment.

Aries - Belphegor

Mammon is the demon of wealth and materialism, which corresponds to Taurus' desire for luxury and comfort.

Taurus - Mammon

Multiple Blue Rings

Gemini - Asmodeus

Asmodeus is the demon of passion and temptation, which corresponds to Gemini's reputation for being flirty and fickle.

Multiple Blue Rings

Cancer - Bune

Bune is the demon of money and achievement, which corresponds to Cancer's ambition and yearning for security.


Lucifer is the most powerful devil and is associated with pride and vanity, which corresponds to Leo's reputation for being confident and attention-seeking.

Leo - Lucifer

Bael is the demon of knowledge and wisdom, which corresponds to the analytical and detail-oriented temperament of Virgo.

Virgo - Bael

Aamon is the demon of pleasure and passion, which corresponds to Libra's love of harmony and balance.

Libra  - Aamon

Multiple Blue Rings

Scorpio - Belial

Belial is the demon of deception and revolt, which corresponds to Scorpio's reputation for secrecy and intensity.

Multiple Blue Rings

Sagittarius  - Flauros

Flauros is the demon of conflict and devastation, which corresponds to Sagittarius' reputation for being daring and bold.

Multiple Blue Rings

Capricorn - Satan

Satan is typically seen as the king of devils and is connected with ambition and authority, which corresponds to Capricorn's reputation for responsibility and discipline.


Vassago is the demon of prophesy and divination, which corresponds to Aquarius' interest in unusual ideas and the future.

Aquarius  - Vassago

Balam is the demon of divination and spiritual understanding, which corresponds to the intuitive and compassionate temperament of Pisces.

Pisces - Balam