Zodiac signs as Birds

The Falcon, like an Aries, is quick, bold, and fearless. It is recognised for its rapid and nimble motions, which are similar to those of the resolute and energetic Aries.

Aries - Falcon

The graceful and elegant swan is an excellent match for Taurus, who values luxury and comfort. Swans and Taurus both value beauty and are drawn to the better things in life.

Taurus - Swan

Multiple Blue Rings

Gemini - Hummingbird

The Hummingbird, like the chatty and gregarious Gemini, is noted for its playful, curious, and energetic disposition. They both enjoy discovering and experiencing new things.

Multiple Blue Rings

Cancer - Penguin

The penguin, like the compassionate and sensitive Cancer, is a nurturing and protecting bird. They both have a great feeling of family and enjoy making their home comfortable.


The peacock, with its vivid colours and attractive displays, perfectly portrays the self-assured and attention-seeking Leo. The peacock and Leo both like being the centre of attention.

Leo - Peacock

The sparrow, like the analytical and precise Virgo, is recognised for its practical and detail-oriented attitude. Both are efficient and diligent creatures.

Virgo - Sparrow

The dove, like the diplomatic and fair-minded Libra, is a symbol of peace and harmony. Both place a premium on balance and connections, and both try to create a pleasant environment.

Libra - Dove

Multiple Blue Rings

Scorpio - Raven

The raven, like the passionate and secretive Scorpio, is a mysterious and intense bird. Both are related with death and rebirth and have a profound awareness of life's cycles.

Multiple Blue Rings

Sagittarius - Eagle

The eagle, like the independent and adventurous Sagittarius, is recognised for its adventurous and free-spirited temperament. They both like exploring and reaching new heights.

Multiple Blue Rings

Capricorn - Owl

The knowledgeable and intelligent owl complements the ambitious and disciplined Capricorn perfectly. They both have a strong sense of duty and are determined to succeed.


Aquarius warriors are the battlefield rebels. They are self-sufficient and unconventional, constantly thinking outside the box. They fight for a cause rather than for personal gain.

Aquarius - Albatross

The seagull, like the dreamy and artistic Pisces, is a symbol of freedom and inspiration. They are both drawn to the mystical and have a great connection to the sea.

Pisces - Seagull