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Your Pisces man loves you: 5 signs

Pisces guys are kind, lovely, caring, and softies, but you don't know them until you're with them. If you want to know if a Pisces man loves you, there are 5 signs.

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Pisces men are secretive. Does he love you? Easy. He'll never lead you on without affection. However, you'll know if he's falling for you. He'll discuss anything because he cares about your needs. If he listens, comforts, and heals you, he's in love.”

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When a pisces man loves you, you're his best buddy. He will be there for you and assume you are there for him because he loves you.

Pisces, whether male or female, are notoriously secretive, but when they open up, it's a sign of love. Pisces guys are often reticent. He won't tell until he knows she's the one.

In love, a Pisces man will accept your shortcomings. He will go above and above for you. Since not all men are accepting, Pisces men are great.

Men who love you care because not all men are expressive. Everybody expresses caring in their own manner. Pisces men display their affection. They're forward. They will also cook, speak, and play with you.

Many questions may seem like border crossing. If they like you, Pisces guys ask numerous questions but don't judge. They crave your feelings, worries, and secrets.