Yoga Poses for Bone Health, Ranked by a Medical Expert

Tree pose

According to Dr. Fishman, the extra pressure used in tree posture helps strengthen the upper femur and hip.

Trikonasana, or the triangle pose

Another posture that can assist with balance is the triangle pose, which "puts torque on the lumbar spine, the neck of the femur, and the hips and ribs," as Dr. Fishman explains.

The straight leg's

 He claims this stance is another aid to equilibrium.

Locust position

Locust position also helps strengthen extensor muscles of the back, which in turn improves posture and counteracts the forward curve of the upper back 

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 Chest Stretches 

Chest Stretches to Fix Your Slumped Back and Poor Posture

Supta Padangusthasana

This posture is beneficial for stretching

Traight-legged twist

A lady in the fresh air practices a straight-legged twist, a yoga position that strengthens bones and muscles.

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