Which muscle groups get the most work out on a bike?

Quadriceps The quadriceps, or front thigh muscles, are one of the biggest and strongest muscular groups in the human body.

These muscles originate at the top of the thigh (the femur or hip) and attach to the patella (the kneecap), which in turn is attached to the tibial tuberosity (the bony bump at the top of the lower leg).

The tibia and fibula, the two bones that make up your lower leg below the knee joint and above the ankle joint, are where all the hamstring muscles attach. 

Regular cycling helps tone these muscles, which play a significant role in the pedaling motion, resulting in long, lean strands of muscle along the back of the leg.

Gluteus One of the most famous muscle groups is the glutes. You undoubtedly already know that the gluteus maximus is the biggest muscle

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The Gluteus Maximus is the largest hip flexor and generates the greatest force of all of these muscles. 

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