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What's your zodiac sign cocktail?

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, love blood sports and red hues and can usually be persuaded to start firing off and drinking hard at brunch, making the Bloody Mary an appropriate cocktail for the ram contingent

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Aries - Bloody Mary

Tarus - Mojito

Taurus' power hue is green—for creeping jealousy, fertile fields, emerald mines, overpriced succulents, cash money, and fresh mint. Bulls love the Mojito for its color, bold preparation, and taste of garden beds, melted popsicles, and early summer boob sweat.

Moon-ruled and moody, a Cancer drink would have sour, sweet, and salty flavors. Pancho Morales, an El Paso bartender, created the Margarita in 1942 during Cancer season. Contrary to common belief, Morales named the drink after a flower

Cancer - Margarita

Leo, the zodiac's champagne, is essential to this drink. Leo is a romantic and dramatic love sign. In "Casablanca," a floozy ordered the French 75, making it famous.

Leo - French 75

In Libra F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby," the Mint Julep is virtually a character. Libras live for themed parties where they can bet, get drunk, act fancy, and wear obnoxious, expensive hats, making the Mint Julep the Kentucky Derby's official drink.

Libra - Mint Julep

Scorpios, rulers of the eighth house of sex, secrets, and secretions, love anything done in covert. This drink may have been created during prohibition. Scorpios love to sip other people's secrets like blood on a full moon, so the drink doesn't contain tea.

Scorpio -Long Island Iced Tea

Saturn rules Capricorn, which symbolizes fatherhood. As a result, the Old Fashioned suits them. According to my buddy Blake, an Old Fashioned is a hand job, and I've never met a Cap that wasn't horny.

Capricorn - Old Fashioned

The vodka martini has two ingredients and Aquarius has two planetary lords, but neither is simple. Aquarians are espionage-prone and love vodka martinis.  

Aquarius - Vodka Martini

The Mai Tai, adorned with fruit and f–kery to resemble a drunken unicorn or sideways sea horse, embodies Pisces. Emperors of excess, these booze hounds would be typified by a double-shot drink. Pisceans prefer dreaming and the Mai Tai tastes like maraschino belly buttons and scents like suntan lotion.