Truths about marriage nobody tells you about

In marriage, romance evolves

Real love is built on shared memories, trust, and an emotional bond, and none of these things happen all at once. When two people get married, romance goes both ways.

Marriage doesn't guarantee forever

If things don't work out with your partner, you can always end the marriage. Remember that getting a divorce or leaving your partner is not a bad thing if you are unhappy in your marriage.

Changes are inevitable

Even though a marriage has many beautiful times, it's not always a dream. In real life, you have to deal with problems, disagreements, and boring jobs together.

Marriage will not solve all your problems

Uncles and aunts who are nosy and old will tell you that getting married is the magic wand that will solve all your issues. But that's not true. Getting married won't instantly fix all of your troubles.


Marriage is hard work that never stops.

Both people in a marriage have to keep putting in time and energy. Marriage is a bond that is always changing and needs care and attention to grow.

Not always will you agree.

No matter how well you get along with someone, you will still have differences and fights. Marriage doesn't mean that you and your partner will become the same person and always agree on everything.

Getting married doesn't make you whole.

Marriage or your partner doesn't make you whole, and if you choose not to get married, that doesn't mean you're not whole.