Trainers recommend this exercise for over-40s

Shutterstock As we age, being active and healthy becomes more crucial for our physical and mental health.

Consistent exercise keeps us healthy and maintains our bodily and mental health. 

 Since our bodies change naturally after 40, choosing the correct workout program is even more important. 

Squats also help with osteoporosis, a major age-related disease. 

Squats, a weight-bearing exercise, strengthen and densify bones by stressing them. 

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Bone density increases support, minimizing fracture risk and preserving skeletal integrity.

Squats work your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, core, back, and upper body to maintain stability.

inally, Lenau discusses how squats might help us lose weight as we age. "Squats boost growth hormone and testosterone, which regulate metabolism and promote fat reduction. 

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