Top Five Astrological Signs for Trivia Ability

Pub trivia is a big deal, as any fan of the genre will attest. While some patrons may only be interested in grabbing a beer and some fries, others are in it to win it. 

 Geminis like a good argument, which may be useful for brainstorming solutions. "For them, information is consumed in massive quantities for the purpose and bottom line of being right," Muchnik says. 

Capricorns since they enjoy learning odd information for fun. They're the best there is at both music and celebrities, and they also know their components. from memory. 

An Aquarius, an air sign controlled by Saturn (the planet of focus and ambition), is a reliable colleague who often has surprising information to share. 

Aries in it has a far better chance of winning the $50 prize at trivia night. When it comes to competition, "ruled by Mars, Aries is always in it to win," explains Muchnik. 

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A sign governed by Mars, for instance, is likely to be well-represented and victorious at trivia night. 

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