To repel snakes from your garden, use two common kitchen ingredients

Snakes are intriguing and vital to the ecology, but having them in your yard may be unsettling and hazardous. 

Onion and garlic, two common kitchen ingredients, can deter snakes from your garden without harming them.

Garlic and onions should be avoided if anybody in your family is allergic. The components may be hazardous to cats and dogs.

Garlic and onion components generate a fragrance that snakes dislike and avoid. Boiled garlic and onions form a strong concoction that deters crawling into your garden.


Cut a few garlic cloves and half an onion into tiny pieces, boil for five minutes, and let the repellent rest for a few hours. Strain the liquid into a spray bottle to easily apply the repellent throughout your yard.

Chopped raw onion and garlic with rock salt may be sprinkled throughout your yard.Try mixing garlic and onion repellant with other preventatives for best effects.

Keep your garden clean to deter snakes. Remove rock heaps and overgrown vegetation as hiding locations. 

Consider your garden's surroundings, particularly if there are water or fields nearby that may be snake habitats.