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three zodiacs are astrology's greatest gold diggers

"Two in 10 single adults can be classified as 'gold diggers' saying that they would marry somebody for their money

Millennial men are helping democratize gold digging, but some zodiac signs value financial security over romantic appeal. Read and get married. Read your moon sign, which represents instincts, Venus, which represents money, and the signs that rule the second house of possessions and/or the seventh house of alliances in your birth chart for more information on gold digging.

Libras dream of being sugar babies and living well Libra is a social bowel softener. Libras see relationships as deals and marriage as good business. Libras are lovely, so being used by one is worth it.


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Sagittarius people claim they're evolved and don't want money, preferring "experiences." Ayahuasca retreats, fully fitted Burning Man camp sites, wilderness walkabouts, amethyst headboards, and yoga certifications are costly, but archers will do whatever it takes to keep the party going. Sagittarians will charm/sexually coerce/marry anyone to pay for heaven, exotic dancers



Aquarius's connection to money is interesting because they balance tradition and innovation. Aquarius sees money as a tool, like Capricorn. Water bearers are open to getting paid and funding the building of their hot air balloons, snow leopard sanctuaries, space ships, or psilocybin for psoriasis research


The typical Aquarian's emotional objectivity lets them see the benefits of marrying for money or dating for money. They don't easily bond with others, making it difficult to bond with a rich benefactor or a struggling artist. As rulers of the eleventh house of community, Aquarius are idealists and humanitarians who may donate their allowance or alimony to charity, space colonization, or guerilla forces.


Three zodiacs are astrology's greatest gold diggers