This is the best time of day to eat if you want to lose weight

It seems timing is everything. Especially food. From intermittent fasting to one-meal-a-day to time-restricted eating. Yes, you can regulate calories, but when you eat is just as essential.

Consuming 80% of calories before 1pm decreased the time patients with high blood pressure and obesity had “high” blood sugar.

Intermittent fasting may prevent prediabetes and obesity from advancing to Type 2 diabetes.

"Every cell in our body has a small clock, mostly controlled by light and dark but also by eating. We don't understand all the processes, but they affect hormones and food metabolism. 


Eating according to your biological clock improves metabolic health, inflammation, and weight.Eat smoked salmon and scrambled eggs at 10am.

Eating within a 10-hour window, eating no later than 8pm, and fasting for 14 hours overnight was beneficial. Breakfast at 10am.

Our diets and timing matter. Consuming protein at breakfast, including eggs and yogurt, increased muscular and grip strength more than at evening.

Western breakfasts are high in carbohydrates like pastries, cereal, and bread and low in protein, which we consume at lunch and supper.