These Astrological Signs Thrive on the Power of Full Moons

Aquarius Image by Margaret Flatley/Bustle; Bustle has provided this. You can count on Pisces to be well-versed in the next full moon.

The planet Neptune is responsible for the Fishes' reputation as one of the zodiac's most spiritual signs. 

Scorpio Scorpios are inherently curious, so it's no surprise that they have a deep interest in astrology, tarot cards, and the full moon.

It's not surprising that Scorpios, who zealously preserve their reputations as passionate and secretive, devote so much time to studying such topics; with a reputation like that to uphold, it's only natural to have some esoteric hobbies.

Cancer Image by Margaret Flatley/Bustle; Bustle has provided this. It's hardly surprising to find the water sign Cancer here, as the moon governs Cancer.

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Cancers acquire their emotional side from la luna, so they'll use whatever chance they can, including a night spent under the full moon, to express their thanks for all they have.

Sagittarius While most people think of Sagittarians when they think of thrill-seekers, they also have a profound side that makes them great spiritual and philosophical conversationalists. 

 They like deep conversations on issues that affect the world at large because they are fascinated by the unknown.

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