The Year's Most Popular Dog Breeds

Bloodhound You must be as fit as your bloodhound to keep up since they can track scents for miles. Friendly, loyal, and easygoing, this breed.

Bloodhound Overview Dalmatian fire dogs are famous for their spotted coats. They're natural athletes with powerful builds designed for horse and coach protection.

Cattle Dog Australian cattle dogs let you go wild. They're distantly related to the fast-moving Australian dingo. 

Bichon Frise Kids and animals love bichons. They're great for compact flats and city living because of their confidence and modest size. 

Portuguese Waterdog Portuguese water dogs are lively, easy-to-train family dogs. They're smart, stubborn, and eager to please their owners.

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They learn obedience easily. Portuguese water dogs are perfect for outdoor enthusiasts since their dense, curly coat doesn't shed and is water repellent. 

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