Seven of the best ways to lower blood pressure


Isometric wall push 

This is like pushing against a wall like you're trying to push it down.Place one leg in front of the other and put your arms at shoulder height. Press hard and hold for 10 seconds, then let go and do it three to five more times.

Plank on the knees 

The cousin of the full plank who is nicer and easier to get to know. Lying on a soft cushion or mat, put your weight on your knees and look a few steps ahead.

Hardboard plank 

The name gives it away. This is the opposite end of the range of planks. This activity is for people who usually have their own locker at the gym and know the name of the person who works at the front desk.


Wall stand 

A standard way to learn how to hold stress. Put your back against the wall, your feet about shoulder-width apart, and slide down until your legs are 90 degrees from the wall.

Holds in the gym 

For intermediate exercisers, one way to make their workouts more focused on their blood pressure is to turn their normal strength moves into holds.

Gentle cardio

Gentle cardio, also called "zone 2" exercise, works best when you keep your heart rate at a regular tick that never drops to a level that makes you too lazy or rises to a level that starts to stress your body.


This is a safe way to start doing cardio training that is more energetic for most people but doesn't involve running on concrete.