The Protein Content of These  Vegetables May Surprise You


They're like a pod of soy beans. You may munch on them as a snack, especially if you cover them with flaky sea salt and dip them in soy sauce. 

Chili Beans

And yet another legume. If you're in the mood to argue, read the introduction. 

Beans, Navy

There are eight grams of protein in half a cup of these wide, white beans. They're high in fiber, like other beans.

Crispy Potatoes

Baked potatoes, mmmm. The protein content of a single big potato is seven grams. and satisfying.

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You'll get roughly one gram of protein from a cup of fresh spinach. 

Raab Broccoli

The protein content of this bitter green is impressive at 17 grams per 100 grams (although a lot of broccoli raab).

Sprouts of Brussels

There are four grams of protein and four grams of fiber in one cup of boiling cruciferous veggies.

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