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Spiritual road each zodiac sign may take

Aries, focus and pray to Shiva. Luxury may distract you from faith. Focus on this loss. Spend wisely.

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Water brings calm. You will follow Buddhism or other water-related religions. Your element is also in competition with the other elements aiming to spoil you.

Spirituality, like air, makes you feel good. The warm air will cause mood shifts. To avoid depression and stay happy this month, pray to Lord Surya and gift him.


Traveling to holy places will increase your spirituality. Many family events will help you connect with your spirituality. You'll be pious for months.


Be patient because you may encounter challenges. You may argue and try to dominate your spouse or loved ones. Focus and know the best path to follow.


Do your best to relax and introspect. Office work will increase. Pujas and prayers should start your day.


Worshipping gods suits your land element. For personal and business growth, visit a temple once a week. Spirituality will benefit you.


Too much body pain or leg issues will raise your mental stress. Donating to children and the needy is helpful. Even if you're not pious, pray every day.


Decision-making will be clouded by doubts. Your element is Surya. Meditation and spiritual retreats are common. You should stay hydrated.