Simple, Delicious Methods to Improve Dietary Health

Preserve potatoes in large pieces. When potatoes are cut into smaller pieces before boiling, the water-soluble elements like vitamin C and riboflavin (vitamin B2) are more easily extracted.

Marinate meat before grilling it. Grilled or barbecued meats benefit from being marinated before being cooked. 

Use a paper towel to blot. Paper towels can be used to remove excess grease from delivered pizzas and to serve fried chicken and French fries made at home. 

Get yourself a ceramic knife. A ceramic knife may be beneficial for your health and not only because it makes quick work of slicing up your veggies.

Boil or microwave the broccoli. In particular, broccoli loses its beneficial glucosinolates—potential anti-cancer compounds—when boiled or fried, but retains more of them when steamed.

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Muffins with mashed banana instead of lard. The American Heart Association recommends subbing three ripe, very well-mashed bananas for half a cup of butter in your favorite muffin recipe to minimize saturated fat.

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