Phosphorus-Rich Foods Support Bones, Cells, and Energy

Phosphorus is mostly stored in your bones and teeth, along with calcium.

The daily recommended intake (RDI) of phosphorus for healthy people aged 19 and above is 700 milligrams.

Salmon In addition to its high omega-3 content, salmon also supplies a significant amount of phosphorus (214 mg per 3 ounce serving).

Dairy Merchandise According to Twigge, dairy products are the most common dietary source of phosphorus in the United States.

Eggs One egg contains 7 percent of the Daily Value for phosphorus (86 milligrams), making it one of the easiest proteins to prepare.

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Potatoes are a high-phosphorus starch that you probably already enjoy in various forms.

Half a cup of cooked brown rice has 8 percent of the DV of phosphorus (102 milligrams), and half a cup of cooked oatmeal has 7 percent of the DV of phosphorus (90 milligrams), both of which are excellent for gut health. 

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