Pet Rat Lifespan: 9 Ways to Keep Them Healthy & Happy

Rats are ideal pets. They're clever, lively, and adore people. They're short-lived pets. Their lifespans are brief. Fortunately, you can improve their health and lengthen their lifespan with careful care.

Taking care of your pet rat is the best way to extend its longevity. Give them the greatest care, environment, and exercise.

Pet retailers sell nutritious rat food. Fresh fruits and vegetables: Add fresh fruits and vegetables to commercial rat food to provide vitamins and minerals.

Rats require frequent exercise to keep healthy. Their enclosure should allow them to roam. Keep your rat busy with an exercise wheel.


Puzzle toys, recreation outside the cage, and human and rat contact help sharpen their wits. Tricks may improve their mental and physical wellness too.

Your rat's health depends on it. To avoid hazardous microorganisms, clean and sanitize the cage regularly. Replace bedding often to prevent infection.

If you have a small animal vet, regular checkups might detect health concerns early.

Obesity might shorten your rat's lifetime, so provide them a balanced diet. Avoid overfeeding them.

Overgrown rat teeth may create major health issues. To keep their teeth healthy, give rats untreated wood chews.