Patrick Mahomes sends clear message about his pay

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs' outstanding quarterback, should strive to emulate Tom Brady.

Patrick Mahomes recently told NFL analyst Albert Breer that he wants to structure his deal like Tom Brady's, getting rewarded but leaving room for others.

“I’ve looked at Tom’s model and how he did it,” Mahomes told Sports Illustrated. “That’s it—you want money for yourself and your family. You aim to advance the quarterback market.

They shouldn't utilize you against other gamers. I also want these individuals compensated. Chris Jones should attend training camp. Travis Kelce should always make money. I want the whole crew here.

“My offensive line is great. It’s everywhere. Open communication with [GM] Brett Veach, Coach Reid, and [owner] Clark Hunt is key to finding the right balance. 

My entire career will be that. I don't always care about salary. It’s about creating enough money for me and my family and advancing the game forward for everyone.”

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