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Most Manipulative Zodiac Sign

Libra is the most manipulative zodiac sign. To achieve unity, they'll say and do what people want. They don't like choosing sides, so they play devil's advocate to everyone without getting engaged. They fib to avoid conflict as one of the least honest zodiac signs.

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Control expert Scorpio Scorpios are enigmatic but devious. Scorpios are driven and will do anything to get revenge, including manipulation. Your flaws will be exploited by their resourceful and jealous zodiac sign.

GEMINI GETS WHAT THEY WANT Their communication skills make people feel safe and relaxed. Since this biased zodiac sign changes daily, revealing all can be risky. They may abruptly use your secrets as leverage due to their fickleness.

Cancer controls emotions. Cancers are highly sentimental and can be swept away by their feelings. Cancers need patient and understanding people, but they sometimes take them for granted.


VIRGO CAN WIN FRIENDS. Virgos, one of the smartest zodiac signs, know how to outwit their enemies. They'll manipulate you step-by-step to put you in the worst possible situation.