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Manifestation: Best practices for all zodiac signs

Believe in it, visualise it, have patience, follow with focus and perseverance, receive with positivity and gratitude and go further in your manifestations.

Manifestation Mantra

Aries are ambitious and want to be number one. Aries can manifest their goals by being positive and attracting positivity.

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The Cosmos helps you achieve your dreams. Earthy sign natives think a lot, but ignore criticism. Manage your feelings.

Write down your wishes, connect with the cosmos, and ask the energies around you. Keep cool and don't think about unimportant things. Focus and health.


Visualise your dreams and turn them into reality. Scripting can be really helpful for you to manifest your goals. Leo, the fire sign native, can achieve a lot. Make a collage of everything you wish to achieve, and let it be a reminder of what you wish to attain. Tip: Work on spirituality and relationships.


Librans are the best organisers, this airy sign will do best with the 3, 6, 9 method of manifestation. Create a list of everything you want and when and how you want it. Tip: Work on winning accolades and stifling out enemies


Daily affirmations help you create. Say it to yourself several times. It's best for this ocean sign. Tip: Improve your luck and status.


This fire sign is lucky and gets things easily with out-of-the-way thinking. Show optimism and clarity. Tips: Romance and image.

Earthy signs may struggle in 2023. Remove obstacles and find optimism. Tip: Improve your marriage, finances, and assets.


Before bed, visualize your goals, work on your psyche, and avoid negative thoughts. Improve your love life.


Affirmations work best for ocean signs. Talk to yourself and be positive. Take advantage of this sign's favorable year. Tip: Earn awards and make money.