Low Point Weight Watchers Soup Recipes

These mouthwatering Weight Watchers soups with low points are ideal for this time of year! I enjoy preparing soup because it fills the house with a warm, comforting aroma.

Personally, I really anticipate the cooler months each year just so I can make soups in the crockpot more often! 


Your entire family will like this Weight Watchers recipe for chicken taco soup! Additionally, it equates to 0 Weight Watchers points!

Slow-cooker Cabbage Soup: This soup has no points but is loaded with soups! Low-grade meats can be added to it as well.

The ideal soup to prepare on a chilly day is this slow cooker chicken fajita soup! Your crock pot's aroma will make the whole house feel cozy! Additionally, it is keto and has no Weight Watchers points!

The ideal method to stay warm throughout the chilly winter is with this recipe for slow-cooked white chicken chili. Additionally, it has no Weight Watchers points!

A great variation on taco night is this recipe for slow cooker turkey taco soup. Recipe for turkey taco soup cooked slowly! made with canned beans and tender turkey! And a WW Zero Point Soup!

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Jerk Chicken Soup Jerk chicken soup made in the Instant Pot is rich, delectable, and cheap in WW points.

Amazing Weight Watchers Minestrone Soup Recipe: To produce a low-point soup, the only ingredient that has points is the pasta.

Turkey Cheeseburger Soup: Turkey Cheeseburger Soup is a hearty, cheesy, and lighter version of the classic comfort dish. Every mouthful is stuffed with turkey and potatoes and is quick and simple!

Weight Watchers Italian Chicken Noodle Soup It's very simple and tasty to make Italian chicken noodle soup! On the Weight Watchers diet, this soup meal has a low point value.

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