Low-Cost Shopping List for Good Health

Put together a list of the inexpensive ingredients you'll need to make your favorite healthy dishes for the week.

If you shop by category, you can skip the aisles containing unhealthy snacks like sweets and chips and still acquire what you need quickly, all while sticking to your grocery budget.

Don't go food shopping on an empty stomach, even if you have a detailed list of what you need to buy to stay within your budget. 

If you go shopping without a list, you may wind yourself spending more money and buying things you don't need. 

Products that are fresh and little processed tend to be kept towards the store's outside edges because of their higher nutritional value. 

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Proteins: Good for Your Health and Your Taste Buds. Select lean cuts of beef, chicken, and hog that have had the excess fat, skin, and bone removed. 

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