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Challenging Zodiac Energy: April 5 Mercury Square Mars

on April 5. 2023, we have a doozy of a transit lined up today, and for some of us, this might not be easy.

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Three zodiac signs will have rough horoscopes, especially because are looking at Mercury sextile Saturn.


While there's much to be gained from this transit, that 'gain' may happen the hard way.

Whatever we get out of this day, we pay for...in bold, sweat and tears.

What makes this day ever so dangerous is that we may not constructively use our grand opportunities.

This is a great day for self-sabotage, and we need to be very careful about the choices we make.

Three zodiac signs will have zero patience for how things progress on this day and feel stifled and upset.

With Mercury in sextile, so much can go off track that we will need to be extra vigilant of decision-making.

In other words, you must work for it if you want it. No freebies, no breaks.

Being told to hang on and wait is so NOT your cup of tea, Gemini.

The disciplined energy of Saturn can and will clash with your love of freedom, Leo.

Today, April 5, 2023, during Mercury sextile Saturn, your self-doubt almost overwhelms you.

 Do not let self-doubt get in your way today, Libra. Stand up for yourself. Fight!

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