How To Quickly Get Rid of Ants

Ants are annoying. Seeing a swarm in your house is scary. Be active instead of irritated! Many methods exist for ant control.

The most frequent home-invading ants are odorous house, carpenter, and thief. A keen eye is needed to swiftly eliminate ants.

This is the greatest guide on ant, mouse, and other pest control. In wet regions of the home, odorous ants nest. Since they like sugar and protein, they're called sugar ants.

Before killing an army of ants seeking sweet meals, be patient. Use them! These worker ants find nourishment for the queen and her family. That's where the issue starts and ends.


This requires baiting worker ants. Be patient and follow their path to see where they're headed.

Place ant bait stations along the path. One method is to combine ½ cup sugar, 3 teaspoons borax, and 1 cup warm water.

Soak cotton balls in mixture and put in shallow dishes along ant paths. Workers will carry the bait home to the queen and her family, who will eat it and die, eliminating future populations.

Thief ants, commonly called grease ants, nest in microscopic cracks inside. Thief ants prefer grease and protein above sugar, unlike odorous and carpenter ants.

Use the correct bait to eliminate ants seeking such items. Chemical ant baits may be mixed with vegetable oil or peanut butter.