Most Expensive Cat Breeds

Savannah Average cost: $6,000–$20,000

Elegant Savannah wins. Serval wild African cats and Bengals, Egyptian Maus, and Oriental Shorthairs created it in 1986. They're faithful family members. Savannahs can live with dogs and other cats, but they're natural hunters, so don't try to bond them with hamsters, fish, or birds.

Bengal Average cost: $4,000–$10,000

Is a luxury cat posing as a leopard? It appears so. Bengals are the only domestic cats with leopard, jaguar, and ocelot-like rosettes. Who created this gorgeous cat? In the mid-1960s, a domestic cat was crossed with an Asian Leopard cat.

Sphynx Average cost: $3,500–$6,000

Sphynxes are from Toronto, Canada, despite their Egyptian appearance. Natural genetic mutation caused a domestic cat to have a hairless kitten, creating this unique breed.

Toyger Average cost: $1,500–$6,000

Toygers are perfect for cat owners who desire a playful mini-tiger. Toygers are Bengal-striped domestic shorthair hybrids, not wild cats. "If you ever dreamed about being able to train a feline, the Toyger has the disposition, intelligence and perfect wildcat looks

Persian Average cost: $1,300–$5,000

Persians, thought to come from Persia (now Iran), are still popular today. Persians appreciate peace and quiet with their flat faces and long hair. Reed claims it may trick you with a rush of vigor. Persians are respectable, except for cat zoomies.

Himalayan Average cost: $2,800–$3,500

What happens when you combine a magnificent Persian with a stunning Siamese? Cute Himalayan! The 1930s Persian-Siamese hybrid had long hair and color points. The Himalayan may have inherited the Siamese's booming voice. It didn't.

Russian Blue Average cost: $1,500–$3,000

The priciest cats sometimes want to know your value. "They study every newcomer's intention from a safe distance," explains Dr. Cuevas. "They decide relationship terms." They'll love you once they realize you're a cat person.

Ragdoll Average cost: $1,500–$3,000

Big, fluffy, and blue-eyed, it's no surprise. Popular ragdolls cost more. They're not only pretty. "These calm, easygoing and sweet-natured cats are exceptionally social, making them a good fit for bustling homes with plenty of people, visiting guests and friendly pets

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