Heavy Weight or High Reps? New Study Ends Debate

Resistance training has long been the go-to strategy for guys trying to grow muscle or tone, but how to accomplish it has been debated.

Some recommend powerlifting large weights with few reps, while others recommend smaller weights with more reps. 

A recent British Journal of Sports Medicine research appears to settle the best weight training method debate. McMaster University researchers examined data from 192 studies with almost 5,000 individuals. 

The solution isn't as simple as some want. The message is that continuous strength training is excellent from any sort.

 Depending on your goals, alter up your workout to get results. For bulking, use lighter weights and more reps. To improve strength, use heavier weights and fewer reps. 

Our data showed that every resistance exercise prescription increased strength and muscle mass. Complex prescriptions are plenty to build muscle yet needless. 

Simple weightlifting routines work well, and the most significant finding is that anyone can benefit from them, research co-author Bradley Currier said. "Seek guidance if you don't know where to start and how to progress, but it's not complicated."

“The biggest variable to master is compliance,” co-author Jonathan McLoud said, emphasizing the significance of a routine.

"Once you have that down, you can worry about all the other subtle nuances, but our analysis shows that many ostensibly important variables aren't that important for most people."

Take advantage of professional advice as you work toward your strength training objectives this year, whether they're summer cuts or winter bulks. 

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