Multiple Blue Rings

Four Luckiest Zodiac Signs

St. Patrick's Day 2023 has arrived, drawing our attention to shamrocks, binge drinking, and the perceived luck of the Irish; famine, civil war, and English conquest notwithstanding,

The festival is observed on March 17, the appointed feast day of Saint Patrick, Ireland's patron saint who may or may not have been a Welshman.

ARIES Aries Joan R. Gunther won four lotteries. AP Aries gambles, shoots, drives blindly, and accepts dares.

LEO Fortunate cat Over 600 attempts were made on Fidel Castro's life, but he was successful in avoiding death.

LIBRA Influencer Laura Galebe came up with the idea. Charm is the fuel of fortune, and Libras have plenty of it.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter, the fortunate planet, rules Sagittarius, and fortunate Charms are their fuel.