For optimal weight reduction, avoid these 5 fruits

It may seem like a lot of work to figure out which fruits you should avoid if you're trying to lose weight. 

 Mango Due to its high sugar content, mangoes have one of the highest calorific values in the fruit kingdom. 

Bananas are one of several fruits you should stay away from if you're Bananas, because to their high fiber content and potassium content, are a fantastic superfood for anybody looking to stay mentally and physically fit and healthy.

Avocado Avocado is another superfood because of all the natural benefits it provides. Did you know that there are about 160 calories in a 100-gram serving of avocado?

Pina Colada Pineapples are not a weight-loss-friendly fruit due to their high sugar content, which may come as a surprise to some.

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Grapes Grapes are beneficial for your skin and overall health because to the abundance of antioxidants they contain, including resveratrol and quercetin.

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