Effective Methods for Overcoming Depression Shared by Real People

Depression is not a condition that resolves on its own. The only approach to treat it is to identify and address the underlying causes. 

A few months after my father's unexpected death, I experienced a nervous breakdown. 

You shouldn't let the things that make you sad keep you sad. There is no magic bullet for depression, but each day you will feel a little better. 

One person said, "Therapy, hobbies, medication, removing myself from the situation, and getting out more in nature helped me the most in releasing anger and sadness and finding joy in things.

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A good cry is like a trip to the laundromat for the soul. "It felt like a ton of bricks had been removed from my shoulders after years of holding it in, and I needed to cry," said one. 

Get in a Run I can vouch for this" was a statement made. I was dejected after serving for two years in the army. 

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