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White Frame Corner

David Benavidez Defeats Caleb Plant Unanimously

Tactical fight, Benavidez more active and attacking.

Round 1: Benavidez 10-9

Multiple Blue Rings

Plant throws more punches, displays his speed with solid combo.


Round 2: Plant 10-9

Plant lands a nice left, Benavidez playing the counter punch.

Round 3: Plant 10-9

Multiple Blue Rings

Both showmanship, left hook hits Plant, Benavidez lands more clean shots.


Round 4: Benavidez 10-9

Plant avoids damage, showboats, and is in control.

Round 5: Plant 10-9

Multiple Blue Rings

Benavidez lands more clean shots, Plant ties him up.


Round 6: Benavidez 10-9

Benavidez more volume and landing, found hole in Plant’s defense.

Round 7: Benavidez 10-9

Multiple Blue Rings

Benavidez applies pressure, Plant has a bad cut, and is in trouble.


Round 8: Benavidez 10-9

Benavidez walking him down, Plant overwhelmed.

Round 9: Benavidez 10-9

Benavidez dominates with punishing left hooks and body shots.

Round 10: Benavidez 10-8

Benavidez gets any punch he wants, Plant refuses to go down.

Round 11: Benavidez 10-9

David Benavidez defeats Caleb Plant via unanimous decision