Dangerous Foods That Lead to Belly Fat, Heart Disease, and More

Fried potatoes from a fast food joint You probably already know that there are negative effects on your health if you often visit the McDonald's drive-through and get a large side of fries. 

Meats in Cans Highly processed foods, such as canned meats like spam, might be bad for your heart.

Cakes from the Store Cakes from the store, and other baked goodies, are certainly tasty. 

According to Gervacio, the sugar content in store-bought cakes is quite high. 

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Due to the absence of any vitamins, minerals, or antioxidants, this just serves to increase glucose levels. 

 "Cakes are sometimes known as 'empty calorie' meals because they don't provide the body with any important nutrients. 

She warns that "the body [stores] fat when blood glucose is not used for energy," which happens when sugars are consumed.

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