Conjunctivitis alert: 6 warning signs you should never ignore


Conjunctivitis, also called "pink eye," is a very dangerous eye disease that affects millions of people every year around the world.

1. Red or Pinkish Eye:

The eye getting red is one of the most common and easy-to-spot signs of conjunctivitis. The blood vessels get bigger, which causes the conjunctiva to become swollen and look pink or red.

2. Excessive Tearing:

When someone has conjunctivitis, the eye(s) involved will often have a fluid. The release can be anything from a thin, watery fluid to a thicker, yellowish or greenish substance.

4. Itching and Irritation:

Intense itching and irritation of the eyes are common symptoms of conjunctivitis.


5. Sensitivity to Light

People with cataracts may have photophobia, which means they are sensitive to light. Bright light can make the pain worse and cause pain in the eyes.

6. Blurred Vision:

Conjunctivitis can sometimes make it hard to see for a short time. The redness and fluid caused by the disease could make it hard to see clearly.