Cheap And Easy Recipes That Taste Great With Beans

Stew with sweet potatoes and kidney beans. This vegetarian stew is spicy and satisfying, and you probably already have most of the ingredients on hand to create it. 

Black bean and smoked chicken stew The tomatoes, garlic, and herbs in this stew make the dry beans unnecessary for either soaking or pre-cooking. 

Black bean and mushroom patties Here we have a wonderfully textured, flavorful vegan burger. 

Lemon mayonnaise with butter beans on hake. Cooked in a broth of butter beans and diced fresh tomato, hake is a breeze to throw together.

The chia seed dessert The nutritional profile of chia seeds includes fiber, good fats, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus. 

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Beans from Boston Incredibly simple to make, this American staple is worth the wait for the beans to soften and develop their signature creaminess. 

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