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Homeless Man Accuses Kim Kardashian of Idea Theft.

Kim Kardashian is facing a lawsuit for allegedly stealing an app idea.

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The app in question is Kimoji, which was released in 2015.


The app features Kardashian-themed pictograms and was a top seller.

David Liebensohn claims Kardashian stole his idea for Kimoji and ruined his life.

Liebensohn is now homeless and has placed signs around LA.

Kardashian first met Liebensohn in 2014 when she was interested in investing in his other app.

Liebensohn alleges that they discussed a series of “Kimojis” with Kardashian and her mom.

Kardashian allegedly promised to work together as a team, cutting a 60/40 deal.

However, she insisted on filing the trademarks for the project herself.

Kardashian's team claims Liebensohn's partners signed a settlement agreement back in 2014.

Liebensohn is allegedly on the streets fighting to get his dues from Kardashian.

Signs across LA have fans flocking to Liebensohn's website.

Liebensohn lost all the money he invested and is now working 3 jobs while sleeping in his car.

Homeless Man Accuses Kim Kardashian of Idea Theft.