Brushing your teeth may be good for your brain

Brushing your teeth boosts the brain - reducing the risk of dementia.

"Tooth loss and gum disease, which is inflammation of the tissue around the teeth that can shrink the gums and loosen the teeth, are very common.

These diseases may affect the brain region that governs thinking and memory, offering individuals another incentive to take better care of their teeth

Chewing improves brain health by increasing blood and oxygen flow. Tooth loss may cause poor eating.


Tooth-supporting tissue inflammation causes gum disease. It affects 17% of people.The left hippocampus, which helps people recall words and language, shrank quicker in moderate gum disease patients with fewer teeth.

"These results emphasize the importance of preserving tooth health rather than just retaining teeth," .

Regular dental checkups are essential for controlling gum disease, and severe cases may need tooth extraction and prosthetic replacement.

Mild gum disease has probing depths of three or four mms in multiple regions, whereas severe gum disease has five or six mms and significant bone loss.