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Astrologerpredict how your zodiac sign will die

Like Aries slugger Jim Creighton, this fire sign dies by striking a baseball bat so hard it ruptures their internal organs. Like likely ram, this sign can't resist a dare or bet. Sergey Tuganov had a fatal heart attack after wager a friend 4K he could have sex for 12 hours. Coital cardio and taking a full Viagra bottle killed him.

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Taurus can choke on a bag of chips or die from falling out of bed. King Adolf Fredrick of Sweden, a champagne-sipping, pastry-loving bull, died on Mardi Gras in 1771 from gluttony.

Cancer is crushed by their emotional baggage, unpaid parking fines, tattered stuffed animals, sweater collection, and unmet expectations.


Leo would fall off a ledge trying to nude. Like Strasbourg's citizens in 1518, rulers of the fifth house of joy may dance themselves to death. Jamaican activist and apex Leo Marcus Garvey died from a stroke after reading his own inaccurate and prematurely released obituary.


Libra is slain by their lover's jealous spouse, untreated syphilis, or botched plastic surgery. Libra George Plantagenet, ruled by Venus, chose to drown in a cask of malmsey wine. GP is a rare Libra with decision-making skills.


Scorpios live on in their grudges, hexes, and curses, so this is a trick query. Power players, witches, and lords of the eighth house of sex, death, and other people's money are most likely to fake their own death or murder.


Industrious, punishing, and concerned with gains, capital and otherwise, Capricorn is either crushed by a fallen bar bell, dies masturbating to a mattress covered in money, is killed by a dominatrix they shortchanged, or is killed by a mob of disgruntled workers.


Killing an Aquarius is difficult because they are more head than heart. Consider Aquarius Gary Hoy, who died trying to make a point, or wicked-eyed water bearer/wizard Gregor Rasputin, who was poisoned, shot in the head, bludgeoned, and castrated before drowning in a frozen river. His pickled d**k can cure blindness and foresee the future, making it a folk legend.


Pisces, living on seawater and ether, dies of ennui or drowns in the bathtub. They are sensitive, obsessed with escape, and swing widely between empathy and nihilism.