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Full Moon's Impact on 4 Zodiac Signs

Full Moon's effects on people and zodiac signs

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The moon's impact on our lives and mental universe


Ceremonial magic during Full Moons for magical practitioners

Four zodiac signs most affected by Full Moons - Sagittarius

Sagittarians' openness to ethereal things and unbridled behavior during Full Moons

Emotional outbursts followed by grand plans for the future

Second zodiac sign affected by Full Moons - Libra

Stable Librans becoming unbalanced during Full Moons

Floodgates open for Librans - tears, wild ideas, and sexy times

Third zodiac sign affected by Full Moons - Capricorn

Frustration leading to creativity for Capricorns during Full Moons

Fourth zodiac sign affected by Full Moons - Aries

Aries' intense emotional response to Full Moons, including sexual paranoia

4 Zodiac Signs Most Affected By Full Moons