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These 6 Things Will Keep Your Relationship Strong

Checklists and tests cannot identify marital compatibility. It includes psyche, biology, and unquantifiable aspects.

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Healthy partnerships still require rapport. Even if your "must-haves" and "can't-stands" match, you can still fight.


Interests don't guarantee harmony. You and your spouse may both love skiing, but if you can't agree on where to holiday, that fit may not matter.

Your personalities and attitudes determine harmony. It's about helping each other and adapting your ideals as needed.

To test your compatibility, start by examining six core categories: lifestyle, finances, politics and religion, family and children, intelligence, and sex.

Eating, hygiene, and drug use are lifestyle. Embracing these variations can help keep harmony.

Finances affect almost everything in a partnership, making them crucial. Early money understanding is crucial.

Politics and religion can be polarizing issues that may produce divisions too wide to span. It's important to be honest about your beliefs from the beginning.

Family and kids are your biggest effort. Compatibility depends on agreeing on family ideals and aims before having children.

Intelligence is similar logic and schooling, not thinking alike. Being outwitted can strain a partnership.

Relationships need sexual chemistry. Pressure to do something you dislike is unsustainable. Unmet wants can cause incompatibility.

Some diversity in a relationship can make it stronger, but too much can lead to incompatibility. Knowing where to draw the line requires patience and love.

If You Agree About These 6 Things, Your Relationship Will Stay Super Strong