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All about zodiac signs' best pals

Partying with an Aries is never the same, so you need someone who can equal your energy and fuel your wilder instincts—and stay to clean up. 

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Your steady, constant earth sign needs a JOMO-loving partner. You need a level-headed sign to watch Queer Eye reruns with. 


Because of your free-spirited nature, you need someone who can truly comprehend you. A similar fun-loving sign will be a good accomplice. 


The crab values stability in all areas of life, including friends. You naturally prefer drama-free people with whom you can pass hours in silence. 


When they're so lovely, this fiery sun thinks they're the sun. But in the big picture, you need the grounding force of a steady sign that knows when to call your bluff and curb your wilder impulses. 


Your Mercury-ruled sign distrusts the idea of meeting someone in the restroom line and becoming best friends. You take time to build lasting relationships with like-minded people in your inner group.


You love adventure, but you need a push to leave your comfort zone. A more daring sign can help you make unforgettable memories.


Your mama bear nature draws you to people who need protection and are maternal. They give you hope when life gets tough.


Your restless personality needs someone who shares your happiness in life and will be in all your crazy tales you tell your grandkids.


Quality triumphs quantity in a Capricorn’s rulebook and instead of a horde of “maybe” friends, they’d rather invest their energy in developing a few select friendships that nourish their mind and soul.


Your rebellious nature makes you seem like a loner, but you need a few steady people to keep you from getting caught up in the world and to live a little.


You're a hopeless romantic, but your emotional awareness lets you see things others don't. When you're caught up in a sign's fantasy, you need a chat.