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9 Reasons You're Still Single: Take Responsibility

Are you blaming everything but yourself for your single status?

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Take responsibility and adjust your approach for better results.


Post attractive and updated photos to catch your match's interest.

Respond promptly to texts and emails to keep the momentum going.

Show enough interest by being open about your feelings and scheduling dates.

Make sure you're emotionally ready to date before getting back on the scene.

Don't look for flaws in your dates; give them a chance to shine.

Combat negative self-talk by reminding yourself of your positive qualities.

Don't assume it won't work out; give the relationship a chance.

Make time for dating, even if it means putting other priorities on hold.

Dating should be a priority, not a chore or an afterthought.

Give yourself a real shot at finding love by putting in the effort.

Remember, finding a partner to share your life with is a big deal.

If You Do These 9 Things, It's Your Fault You're Still Single