How to boil a potato (yes, there's a right way)


Boiled potatoes

Boiled potatoes are deliciously comforting. Pay attention during a few easy steps to optimize their appealing lushness.

Pick a potato

Instead of russets, use little, waxy potatoes like fingerlings or baby Yukon Golds, which are creamy and silky. Skin stops potatoes from being soggy, so don't peel them.

Start in cold water

Potatoes in boiling water may overcook the outsides before the cores. Start with tiny, properly sized potatoes for even cooking. Cover them with an inch of cold water in a large saucepan and cook on high.


Salt them, shower

Dense potatoes don't absorb spices well, so salt the water generously so the potatoes can drink it in. The modest taste of potatoes needs salt to draw them out of their shells.

Simmer slowly

Bubbling water that rattles the outsides enough to allow water in but not so much that the skins break can tenderize hard starches like whole grains, beans, and potatoes.

Butter them

You may have never eaten a fat-free potato. Sour cream and cheddar top baked potatoes, mayonnaise or oil top potato salads, and oil crisps chips, fries, and roasted potatoes.