8 Things Doctors Eat for Breakfast Every Day


Many physicians claimed they ate avocado for breakfast. Dr. Paull and nutritionist Nicole Avena, PhD, prefer avocado toast. Dr. Hayag eats avocado with egg white omelets.


Many physicians ate eggs in the morning, including Dr. Hayag. Dr. Paull quips that he puts two sunny-side-up eggs on his avocado toast because he's a millennial, but eggs are a good source of protein. According to New York City doctor Alison Mitzner, MD, a protein-rich breakfast helps curb cravings.

Whole grain toast

Just don't give our physicians white toast. Dr. Paul may have toast with butter on hectic weekday mornings instead of avocado and eggs. He specifies multigrain toast.

Peanut butter and banana

Stanford University School of Medicine clinical assistant professor Ripal Shah, MD, consumes this meal "on the run."She notes that increasing potassium helps balance salt consumption. The sweet and salty combination also gives her a fast energy boost and fills her up till lunch.

Almond butter

Dr. Landsman's "Healthy Adult PB&J Sandwich," cooked with his own almond butter and Crofter's Organic Strawberry Spread preserves, is one of his favorite breakfasts.


Doctors also like oatmeal. Dr. Favini adds antioxidant-rich blueberries, walnuts, and chia seeds. He intermittently fasts, so he skips breakfast. Dr. Landsman utilizes steel-cut oats, ground flax seed, and nut butter to enhance fiber. 


Dr. Mitzner produces a high-protein smoothie using almond milk and almond butter, but Greek yogurt works too. It's protein-rich and simple. Not all smoothies need protein. Dr. Landsman mainly uses fruit and almond milk, adding protein-rich flaxseed.

Chocolate milk

Dr. Mitzner drinks chocolate milk in the morning. Flavored milk isn't our first choice for a healthy morning. It provides protein, water, and carbohydrates. "I'm a morning workout person, and I always start with a glass of chocolate milk right after my workout

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