7 techniques to learn from food cravings

Sit with the craving

It's normal to have cravings sometimes. Sit with the experience of hunger to learn what it has to teach you rather than trying to suppress, ignore, or instantly satisfy it.

Be aware of the belly

*Roth encourages her pupils to focus on their stomachs, which is a part of the body that many people attempt to conceal or avoid.

Delegate the decision-making

One of the many things that makes black coffee such a good option is the lack of calories that it contains.


Learn your cues

"Cues are always present, but many individuals have become desensitized to them.

Celebrate your cravings

You should "celebrate the fact that a craving is a line of communication to your body

Ask ‘what else am I hungry for?’

An integral part of understanding your cues is getting curious about them.

Keep the food you crave in the house

It may fly in the face of everything you’ve ever heard about eating healthy, but keeping the foods you crave available in the house.