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7 Signs You Don't Love Him - Check Now!

It's easy to mistake physical attraction for long-term love.

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But if you're honest with yourself, you can recognize the truth.


1If your attraction is solely physical, disappointment may be in store.

 Saying yes to sex to keep someone around is a warning sign.

 A lack of friendship outside of sex is a red flag.

 If all your time is spent in bed, there may be no deeper connection.

 Leaving after sex indicates a lack of potential for real love.

Feeling unsatisfied after sex is a warning sign.

Resisting introducing your partner to friends and family is another red flag.

Falling in love takes more than just physical attraction.

Building a lasting connection requires emotional intimacy and common interests.

 Don't settle for lust when you're searching for love.

 Recognize the signs and keep searching until you find a true partner.

If You Feel These 7 Things, You Don't Love Him